Precision ServiceIndustry Experts

We offer products and services to industries as diverse as construction, agriculture and mining. Our export division focuses on the supply of value-added mesh, wire and mining products to sub-Saharan Africa. As a leader in the South African steel industry, having been established in the 1950’s, our services are of the highest quality.

Contract management and rebar installation service

Steeledale offers a complete service to manage the sub-contract fixing companies on-site, ensuring that your rebar contract portion is on time and on budget. Our experienced contract managers have established relationships through support and assistance to PDI fixing companies, to ensure that we function as a team.

Custom Pre-cast solutions

Steeledale will create any custom precast products to your project specifications. We have extensive experience in precast floors, walls, beams and columns.

Design services

Steeledale can assist with structural design solutions, and advice on rebar and precast concrete projects. Steeledale is led by a dedicated team of passionate professionals, who are committed to your success.

Special mesh

Steeledale are able to custom manufacture black mesh and galvanised mesh products to suit your application, saving you time and material costs.