A Kutana Steel Company

Steeledale is part of the Kutana Steel Group, an industry and market leading steel company. Kutana is black women-owned, committed to growth and transformation. Kutana is pioneered and steered by an experienced management group with more than 70 years’ combined experience in shaping successful investment companies across South Africa and Africa, delivering real value and measurable growth.

Kutana’s team of seasoned corporate professionals is recognised for their leadership and community roles throughout South Africa and Africa across a number of divergent sectors.

The focus is on building sustainable growth through responsible investments and a commitment to the communities we work with and support.

Steeledale’s relationship with Kutana allows us to offer better products and services to the industries we serve, leveraging synergies and relationships across diverse sectors, and creates the opportunity to become a key player in the South African landscape, as we contribute the economy of our country through grassroots economic development.


Read more about the Kutana Group here.

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