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We offer a wide range of high-quality, innovative products serving the construction, agriculture and mining industries. For example, specimesh is a highly versatile, inexpensive alternative precision mesh product available in black, lightly or heavy galvanised or stainless steel finishes. We also offer a service of pre-assembling elements to the engineer’s specifications. This in turn saves the customer both time & handling. In all cases, Steeledale will liaise with the customer on delivery timelines so that pre-assembled rebar is delivered just in time.

Our high-tech modular see through fencing system encompasses the use of welded mesh fencing panels that are incorporated into a Lipped Channel post and secured by a patented post connecting system. This unique patented mesh connecting system increases the panel stiffness horizontally. Our welded fencing mesh adds a new dimension to industrial and domestic security due to its rigid and robust quality construction. We have welded mesh reinforcing sheets, which are the most commonly used form of reinforcing in concrete and is particularly suited for flat slab construction and concrete surface beds. Our cold-rolled hard drawn wire either smooth or deformed, is manufactured in coils or straightened and cut to length and is available in diameters ranging from 1.6 mm Ø to 12 mm Ø. Lattice beams, another one of our products, are a highly versatile, cost effective reinforcing alternative to traditional “rib and block” suspended flooring systems.

Our respect for safety and quality can be seen through the way that we are committed to the prevention of ill health and injury, ensuring wellness amongst our employees, the prevention of pollution and the conservation of the resources we utilize as part of our responsibilities in respect of the health and safety of our employees and the preservation of the integrity of our environment.


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